First Mash with Rice

This didn’t go so well last week.  I modified our successful riced ‘Bud Clone’ which is essentially on a % GU (gravity unit basis):

65% Briess 6-row or Pilsen
30% Flaked Corn
5% Carapils

and I turned it into:

65% Briess 6-row or Pilsen
30% Flaked Rice
5% Carapils

I did an infusion mash to 155 for 1 hour rest.  This is where things went wrong.  Unlike the Corn version, RIMS was impossible with this.  It ended up being a lot of scraping the bottom of the mash-tun to get anything to drain.

After I got it sparged and boiled, when it was time to cool with our new ‘Therminator’, the 0.5mm pored trub filter gummed up.  I had to bypass it and go directly to the Therminator, which thankfully gave no problems.

It ended up with a gravity of 1.052 which was within reason and was soon fermenting fine – though I haven’t tasted it yet.

Next time I will either use rice hulls to get some porosity in the grain bed or reduce the amount of rice…or both.

It was a cluster regardless.

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