Oatmeal Stout

Size: 12 Gallons (I targeted twelve as about 2 gallons is lost in in trub during various stages I have found)
Target Gravity: 1.055


18.3 lbs Briess Pale Ale
2.7 lbs Briess Crystal 80
3.8 lbs Muntons Chocolate Malt
3 lbs Flaked Oats
1.5 lbs Carapils (Briess Dextrine)

Total = 29.3 lbs grain


3.4 oz 3.9% AA Mount Hood to beginning of 60minute boil


1 – Mash-in to 155 for 60 minutes.  Used 10 gallons water @ 173deg.
2 – Raise to 170 (15-30 minutes using direct fire RIMS)


1 – Sparge over the course of 30 minutes with 6 gallons 170 deg water.  This should yield about 13 gallons pre-boil.


Wyeast 1056

Triple 10 Oatmeal Stout during RIMS

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