For the fermentors, I used some 17-ish gallon Greif, clear, HDPE (high density polyethylene) containers.   These are 26 inches high x 14 inches wide.

These ferment 15 gallons perfectly, though with some blowoff.  10-12 gallon batches are no problem -no blowover.

Plastic fermentors

Plastic fermentors



These fermentors are easily cleaned.  After you empty one for kegging,  wash it with this thing:


You will have to use a long bristle brush as the liquid line will need a little work.  Store them upside-down to dry and also so dust doesn’t settle in.

A day before brewing

The day before brewing I put a half-gallon of water and a splash of bleach inside the fermentors. I seal them up and shake them around throughout the day.

An hour before pumpout

Thoroughly rinse the fermentors, and then add our Iodophor solution for final sanitation – 1/4 of a gallon.  Seal them up and shake them around.  If brewing multiple batches, you can transfer the Iodophor solution from one to the other to save on some cost.


Real easy on the 1/2 barrel, fully hardplumbed, triclovered system.  Remember, 10 minute or less pumpouts with the Therminator plate chiller.

Attaching airlocks

To previously bleached hoses and caps, attach the large cap with rubber washer and the airlock hose.  Add mild bleach water to a bucket.



2 thoughts on “Fermentors

  1. Jessie

    It’s me bothering you again! Your site has been such a wealth of knowledge, though. Could you tell me where you got these Greif containers from. I can’t seem to find them googling around. Thanks.


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