Keg Cleaning

To keg 10 gallons, 1 fermentor, you will need three, 5 gallon kegs.  The 3rd keg is for the filtering step.  Initially give the kegs a light cleaning in your sink with the brass water-washer.  Then:

Step 1 – Fill Mash tun with 5 gallons water, bring to 160 degrees.


Step 2 – Put rectangle keg cleaner stand (a rectangle of angle-iron) on mash tun.  Attach ‘Y’ keg liquid and gas lines to hose coming from pump.  Make sure ALL connections are tight with hose clamps as when hot, they will want to come off and spray hot water all over.  Attach these lines to keg to be cleaned.  Put keg on stand over mash tun.


Step 3 – Turn pump on to start recirculation, add 4 oz PBW to mash tun.



Step 4 – Let keg recirculate for 10-30 minutes depending on how dirty they were.  Check to maintain > 160 degree water.

Keg cleaner

Keg cleaner

Step 5 – Once done, turn pump off, also turn valve (yellow in picture) to keg off.  Take keg down (VERY HOT!!!)  PBW then needs rinsed off with hot water.  I have a keg liquid-line attachement to my sink where I hook it onto the keg, turn it upside-down and turn on the hot water for a 15-30 second rinse – rocking the keg back and forth.

Rinsing keg

Rinsing keg

Repeat with more kegs.

Step 6 – Once your kegs are all cleaned with PBW, empty the mashtun and rinse with hot water several times.  Discard PBW solution.  Add 5 gallons COLD water and 1 ounce B.E.S.T Iodophore.

B.E.S.T. Iodophore

B.E.S.T. Iodophore


Step 7 – Repeat the keg cleaning process to do the final keg sanitation with the iodine solution – keep it cold to room temperature.  For Iodophore, you only need to let it recirculate for a few minutes for sanitization.  Let drip dry.


Your kegs are now ready for transfer of fermented beer.

NOTE, you will want to save the 5 gallons of Iodophore solution that you just used to sanitize the kegs.  Transfer this out of your mashtun into a bum keg to save for the next step.

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